1. What connects you as a team?
The shared enthusiasm to learn new things and to take part in hackathons.

2. Why are you participating in the Hackathon?
Give AR a meaning beyond Games and Fun, that AR could become a technologie for a barrier-free experience of the world.

3. It's snacktime: What gives you the necessary energy or what’s your preferred work place?
Oatmeal with rice milk and bananas

4. What are your highlights in Düsseldorf or what is your connection to Düsseldorf?  
K20 und K21 and the Annual Japan Day with its amazing Fireworks.

5. What is your connection to Düsseldorf?
Friends, former Work Place, Hackathons    

6. How do you collaborate in the days of Corona?
Skype, One Note, Telegram, Miro, One-Drive

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