1. What connects you as a team?  
We are cityscaper, a StartUp from Aachen transforming the city planning process with Augmented Reality. We visualize any construction plans fully real on site in 3D. Meanwhile, the plans can be adapted intuitively on site, offering real time documentation of thoughts and ideas. This leverages the potential to better integrate citizens feedback into the process. We have a first MockUp website:  

2. Why are you participating in the Hackathon?
The topic is a nice addition to our business. Generally we want to develop for different platforms and Huawei’s new platform will has plenty of users. Further, we are interested in collaborating with other experts in the field of Augmented Reality to develop better software all together.

3. It's snacktime: What gives you the necessary energy or what’s your preferred work place?
DigitalCHURCH Aachen. Free coffee, thriving atmosphere, fully focused! The digital

4. What are your highlights in Düsseldorf or what is your connection to Düsseldorf?  
After listening to a concert by Nils Frahm, the best concert we have ever listened to, the team was looking forward to incorporate Tonhalle into their final solution for the Hackathon. Luckily, the Tonhalle became the main site for the competition. Sometimes the topic, the exact exercise and technology create a perfect match for an exciting Hack!   or What is your connection to Düsseldorf?

5. How do you collaborate in the days of Corona?
Since we are a team of two and work together every day. That makes a close collaboration possible. With our partners we mainly communicate via video chat using shared workflow tools such as Google Slides, Overleaf or GitLab.

6. If applicable: How do you collaborate across borders?
It would be great to get a nice picture to share on our social Media as well. Perhaps you can send me something we can publish.

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