1. What connects you as a team?
We know each other from academic circles and over time developed a friendship and a sense to use our knowledge to solve challenges.

Each one of us knows when to play their part, as a team, and as an individual. If we have to identify one thing that connects us all, it would be our unparalleled vision of the future.  

2. Why are you participating in the Hackathon?
We consider Hackathon as a great way to exercise our skills and test our capabilities. We actively seek a challenge to keep our ambitions in check. It's always humbling to have worthy challengers.   

3. It's snacktime: What gives you the necessary energy or what’s your preferred work place?
Pizza with a discussion about infinity.   

4. What are your highlights in Düsseldorf or what is your connection to Düsseldorf?  
Rhein tower as it offers an unhinge experience of being on top of Dusseldorf city.

5. How do you collaborate in the days of Corona?
We have the privilege to live in the same area, we don't meet often, however, we definitely take advantage to meet up whenever needed.   

6. If applicable: How do you collaborate across borders? 
Not Applicable  

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