1. What connects you as a team?
The obvious answer is that we are working together at NanoGiants. But honestly, we often compete together in hackathons. Our passion is to solve problems, challenging ourselves with new technologies and create benefits for people.

2. Why are you participating in the Hackathon?
We believe in a world where technology helps everyon to grow. AR and 5G as emerging technologies play a huge role in the future, when it comes to benefit for people. We wanted to explored these technologies and find usecases, that suits our mission.

3. It's snacktime: What gives you the necessary energy or what’s your preferred work place?
Obvious answer again: Candy 😉 But also fruits and Club Mate. But mostly Candy.

4. What are your highlights in Düsseldorf or what is your connection to Düsseldorf?  
NanoGiants was founded in Düsseldorf and therefore we are strongly connected to this city. Most of us live here or at least nearby.

5. How do you collaborate in the days of Corona?
As the situation started to get serious, we worked from home and collaborated using tools like Slack, MS Teams and Miro. It went quite well to be honest. Nowadays, we are back in the offices, while keeping safety measures.

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