1. What connects you as a team?
We are a team of passionate Android developers having different international backgrounds. The joint search for excellent technical solutions and code unites us as well as the strong local roots in our beloved chosen home, Düsseldorf.

2. Why are you participating in the Hackathon?
We love exploring new technologies and competing for the best solutions.

3. It's snacktime: What gives you the necessary energy or what’s your preferred work place?
Our custom energy drink, cheers! Concerning food, Casita Mexicana and chinese food is preferred.

4. What are your highlights in Düsseldorf or what is your connection to Düsseldorf? Paradiesstrand, Ständehaus, Spee’scher Graben, Rheinturm and KIT-Café to name only a few

5. How do you collaborate in the days of Corona?
We have experience in remote working setups and Corona is not a big issue for us. We like Slack. Our collaboration works very well and safely. Home office, physically split work, virtual co working and increased remote work

6. If applicable: How do you collaborate across borders?
Thanks to to the internet, we do not feel borders actually  

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